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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Oh to Be . . .

Last night I sat around my house watching my cats be cats. What a miracle they are! They are absolutely, perfectly cats. Nothing else. And too, my dog is absolutely, perfectly a dog. There's no hesitation, no doubt, no second-guessing. Would that I could simply, absolutely, and perfectly be a woman. No hesitation, no doubt, no second-guessing.

I've been reading Don Miguel Ruiz' The Mastery of Love and he speaks just to this topic. That when we are children we are perfectly and absolutely ourselves--boys and girls--completely absorbed in the process of love--living. When we experience pain or fear we cry or run away; but then when it's over, it's over and we continue on, exploring our world, creatively expressing our relationship with the world. As we grow older, we lose that capacity to be in the present moment. Memory and expectation distort our experience of the present.

The mind is built to expect--it is the job of the negative mind to anticipate. So, too, it is the job of the positive mind to 'add'--remember when this hurt last year, last week, yesterday? And to project that same experience. The job of mastery is to see the perspectives of both minds and go to zero--neutral mind--and from that place of mastery act creatively and consciously.

Similarly, the heart must respond from a neutral, self-contained place that knows that all the love we believe we need comes only from our Self. And what a joy to be able to share that with another person, but without any delusion that the other person is the one providing the love.

In my life as a single person, I seemed to have mastered this 'love'. I am happy, content, full of creativity and expansion. However, I've witnessed over the past weeks and months that my pattern in relationships distorts this innate happiness that I cultivate on my own. Somewhere that happiness and self-love gets lost in translation. So this is the work. The task of the heart to simply be--even in the face of loving another person.

Oh to be a woman
just a woman
expansive, flexible, creative
cool, contained, and content

To know that love
lies within
To experience that love
alone--or in the presence
of another
and never lose touch with
the source--the true

Oh to be
living in the miracle
of every day
the gift of this breath
this breeze, this scent
this touch, this color
this smile, this kindness

Oh to be a woman


At 10:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting thoughts.

I would like to add that children have the willingness to say " I don't know" and they are willing to learn something new if they dont have an idea about any issue. Also children will ask questions about anything they don't understand. Because they have not yet developed the ego of resistence to learn something new.

But as we grow older we learn from our enivronment that its not acceptable to accept that " I don't know", because we don't want to look inferior to others. As adults have developed a wall of ego that will refrain us from learning or exploring new things. Therefore, as adults we tend to resist to learn, and this reistance keeps on developing in other areas of life. Resistance of not able to handle critism from others and people who feed our ego we tend to like them and people who will point out our weakness we tend to dislike those people.

Good example of developing ego of resistance is :

When a family migrates from other countries to America. Obviously children and adults don't know how to speak or even write english. Within couple of years children will pick up english lot faster than their parents. But parents tend to be very slow to learn even if they have been in America for decades. Now, what could be the reason?

We might think that children are smarter and more intelligent that adults or their brain is still developing. But the fact is that children do not have deveolped resistance ego. They will learn from others and do not feel ashamed if they do not have knowledge about anything. So, they are able to absorb better than Adults. On the other hand, adults have resistance ego and they will be very slow learners.

So, thats why get unhappy because we keep on building expectations throughout our lives and we have the ego, which only allows to associate with those people who will feed our ego. And these people usually have hidden agenda than those people who will show our weakness. Therefore, instead of over coming of our weakness in any area and we fail to contemplate on our own behaviours. Eventually, not correcting our thought process will continue to bring sadness and pain. Thats why Guru ji said surrender yourself ( your mind to God) and you shall be in serenity forever.



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