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Friday, October 26, 2007

The Solitary Life

I'm not one who typically goes for 'readings into the future.' But every once in a while it's 'a fun' and sometimes it can be quite compelling. I had a reading with Sangeet Kaur from Phoenix yesterday; she works with your birthdate, the lifecycle teachings, and intuition. It was not only confirming but somehow refreshing.

I've been trying to get some perspective on 'the love thing.' The older I get, the more I wonder if that single, intimate relationship is necessary. I mean, it hasn't happened yet--and maybe that's because it's not supposed to. So yesterday's reading was very useful to me, given these questions that have been going round about in my head this year.

I've told friends that "if this one doesn't work out (i.e. the man I'm in love with) then I'm just going to let it go", meaning the search for that intimate connection. And they all, with a resounding cry, say, No, don't give up! But it's not about giving up--and the reading confirmed that for me. I've now been told twice that I don't need to get married; it's not in my karma, arc line, destiny, etc. It's not something I need to do in order to complete anything. But each time I've also been told, "you could if you want to." But it would be a gift, not a burden or a necessity--and that feels good and right.

I shared my ambivalence with some friends last night and they confirmed my position--it's not the end game; the sole purpose of being a woman, which in many ways is the conflict within me. Since I was a child, it has been all that I wanted: love, marriage, family, the whole nine yards. But how much of that was really my desire versus my conditioning? There's the question--especially now. Somehow I believed that an intimate relationship would be the defining factor of my life, when in fact it hasn't even come close. My search for self, my sobriety, my artistry, the ups and downs of my career, my friendships--these are the constants. These are what make up the thread of my life's story.

Do I want this love I feel to manifest? Do I want this devotion, this joy in serving him, my beloved, this coziness, to become real, to become a life together? Yes. But if it doesn't, I can now rest my mind and my heart firmly on this truth: The solitary life isn't so bad.


At 7:34 PM, Blogger Gaia-G said...

Sat Nam, Sat Purkh ji!

What I must ask is: What did Sangeet SAY to you in her readings?

Sending love and light, Sunder Kaur

At 8:36 AM, Blogger Sat Purkh Kaur Khalsa said...

Well, I can't disclose everything; but primarily she let me know it wasn't in my destiny to be married, which is a great explanation for why I've never married! yet! She said I could marry and probably would but that it would be motivated by my love of serving him and not because of some karma. It would be a gift.

She said that my beloved and i had known each other for many lifetimes in lots of different roles in each others' lives but that this lifetime it was about getting to the heart, which I found interesting given his new spiritual name, which means: Lotus of Divine Love.

She talked about my family and the roles they've played and will play. She said my destiny was to become a master teacher--and that I could manifest that in one breath or over a lifetime--it was up to me.

Does that satisfy your curiosity? Missing you! all love in the divine, spkk


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