Greetings from the Land of Enchantment: What is True--Part Two

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

What is True--Part Two

Yogi Bhajan says that everyone has the birthright to be happy. But instead of choosing to be happy, we hold on to pain. We wallow in it. So today, despite my grief, despite my fear, despite my anger, despite my regret, I choose to be happy. That's my truth.

It's the only way toward a different way of being. To believe that I can change. To believe that I have the right to love and be loved. To hold myself with such respect and subtlety and grace that love is no longer a quest but a presence in every gesture, every breath, every moment of every day.

Pain has its place. It is the touchstone of change--the catalyst and the fulcrum--that which burns us and that which moves us. But if we allow it, pain will make its home in us and never leave. Pain is a poor guest. Instead, I open the doors of my heart and my life and my experience to friendship, comraderie, laughter (always laughter), forgiveness, compassion and love, love and more love.

What is true?
We survive the loss of things
we thought we couldn't bear to lose
we live without the things
we think we need
Life goes on
relentlessly creative
seeking the next breath
the next experience
the next
restlessly moving forward
with or without us
in its wreckless abandon

Everything is true.


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