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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mother India

Well, when things move in my life they move quickly and in all directions at once. As you know, I just bought my first house (with my family's help--thanks Mom and Dad) and moved in. The housewarming is this Saturday, which I'm looking forward to. . . .meanwhile, I woke up Monday with a thought, a thought that felt like a directive: "You're supposed to go on the women's yatra to Anandpur Sahib". I didn't give it much weight until later that afternoon, the leader of the yatra and my Kundalini Yoga Trainer dropped by and invited me personally, saying she'd give me a significant break on the price if I would join them and serve as a ragini (musician) during the trip.

This coincidence of course caught my attention. Then, when I mentioned the possibility to my boss he said, I don't see why not, which of course was unexpected.

Anyway, the long and the short of it is that I'm going to India for the first time. I can't believe it. My rational mind says, You just bought a house! You can't go to India. But my heart keeps saying, it will work out; it will all work out. In many ways it's my way of giving myself a chance. I've been so depressed and so full of doubt about myself, my path, my purpose. This trip is a way to explore all those questions and see which way the wind blows.

Until then, I've got a lot of work to do and very little time to do it in. Wish me luck!

Oh India
mother of the world
are you mine?
and am I yours?
daughter of the West
seeks your shores
to find what?
something within
something shining
and golden
a friend

Oh mother india
be kind
and bless
this seeker with your
your face
shining in the eyes
of all who know you



At 7:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! its a great news. I know it might seem difficult at first because of real estate but I think these kind of chances rarely come in life.

I think its the time to see the Golden temple and other temples and its time for the soul to break all the ties with the earthly things (maya).

I think you are very fortunate because you are going with a very special group who have dedicated their lives for lifting up their soul or at least trying to. When I went to India for a visit I never had a chance to see Golden temple and other sikh temples, because we get caught in relatives etc.

But your situation would be like: Guru is calling you to see your home which is Golden temple.
Now its just a matter of putting everything in perspective and be a Free soul.

Gurinder "G"

At 8:57 AM, Blogger Sat Purkh Kaur Khalsa said...

Thanks for the encouraging words Gurinder. I do feel very blessed to have the opportunity to go--and the courage to follow my intuition in the face of everything else that's going on here: house, pets, work, etc.

It is an opportunity for me to figure out my Self within all the duality I still have.

A chance to quiet my mind and drop all the stories and the narratives and the 'buts' and just experience something new about myself.

so--of course I'm terrified! ha!

At 10:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sat purkh kaur ji

All of us are in the same boat, fighting our minds and uplifting ourselves from gravitational force of the minds. So, don't think that why this or that is happening only to you.

Life is like a ocean and our soul is a little boat. In order to get to the shore we have to face small and large waves. Small waves consistently hit our soul and we have deal with them. If we understand that these experiences will shape or remodel our brain patterns then it will give us strength even to face larger waves.

But we if keep on waiting for the ocean to claim down before we begin our journey then that day will never come, because there will be waves everyday. So, we have to bring courage in ourselves to face those small waves and crush through them. If our soul boat is too heavy with doubts, why this or that then we will fall weak to face even smallest weakest wave.

Everyone can talk about spirituality and keep on gathering information about this or that, but the bottom line is to practice it. This is what is lacking in our society , as well as in myself.

However, in about India.

I believe that people that you are going out with would explain you the rules about eating Food and drinking water. If keep close watch on these things then there are less chances to get diarrhea etc.

YOu will see tons of people on roads, some cows walking on roads. there is lots of hustle and bustle. Infrastructure very different from our place (US), but in no time you will begin to enjoy.

But one thing may irritate you is that people will be gazing or staring at you. Majority of the people that will stare at you because you will look like a princess with your outfit and lot of people admire that and in their own minds they wish they could be like you. ( in terms of spirituality)

Another thing is that sometimes you will be surrounded by beggars. If you give money only to one beggar secretly so that you are not surrounded by army of beggars, guess what? That secret will remain a secret only for few seconds and that beggar will inform other beggar brother and sisters that you are offering money. And then they will follow you around and its nerve reckoning.

I do feel very bad and sad when I see small children begging for money but there is nothing we can do to prevent that at this moment. I usually pray , thank you God where I am at, please take care of them.

I better stop now... ha ha

If you decide to go there please take lot of pics of temples...

My two cents on life.

Gurinder "G"


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