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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

music and more music

Tonight Ram Das Singh flew in from the Bay Area. He's going to be working on my album along with several other session musicians. I can't wait to hear what the instrumentation will bring to the project.

People keep asking, Does it have a theme? and all Krishan and I can say is -- everything! It's really a fusion of all the styles of music that I love and listen to: African, Celtic/folk, Indian, Middle Eastern, Cuban, pop/rock. . . .I feel like the title should be Fusion Guru (smile).

There's definitely going to be a little something from everything. . . . a perfect reflection of me. Ms. Eclectic. And I have total confidence in Krishan--and Ram Das, after hearing his favorite musicians (it was like filing through my own CD collection) and hearing him play the keyboards and flute. I completely trust their instincts and look forward to hearing what they come up with.
I'm squeezing in a little trip to NYC before I come home--Sunday was the earliest direct flight they could get me anyway--which gives me the opportunity to come back and hear a little bit of what they're putting together for the album.

For all you New Yorkers, I'm having a little kirtan gathering at Golden Bridge NYC tomorrow night--Wednesday, 8:30 pm--ya'll come! Oh, I guess New Yorker's don't really say ya'll do they? Well, come anyway. It'll be fun!

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