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Friday, July 20, 2007

Gifts from Friends

Many of the things that I've accumulated over the years are from other friends who've since left the dharma. . . . I'm not saying that it's a foretaste of things to come, but rather, what others have left behind have come to bless me and support me in my own path.

Today I received a care package from my friend Sahaj in Seattle. She's passed along so many things to me over the years--my first kirpan (a necklace), the kirpan I took Amrit with, the SGGS that I cherish, a copy of Peace Lagoon, turban material, etc. You name it--and she's provided it.

She recently visited me and took the Level Two Lifecycles Course here at KRI. It was great to see her, but of course I had to tease her: "Where are my turban pins?" Because, you see, I knew she had quit wearing turban. Although still a devoted Sikh and a daughter of the Guru, it's just not 'her'. And I see it now that I've spent time with her. She's coming into herself in an authentic way and she's so brave in the face of it all. Meanwhile, in response to my teasing, she's sent me some incredible turban pins today! Wahe Guru. Pieces I would never have the money for--like nectar from heaven.

So thank you Sahaj! May you be blessed as you continue on your path--and I'll do my best to honor your gift.


At 3:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of the things I admire about sikhi is that it is a learning process of spirtuality and becoming a warrior against all the odds that rise in our mind. In this learning process some people may feel left out from the worldly fun as it is percieved by our mind as enjoying the world.

People will leave dharma and come back if they wish. However, the great thing is that God or Guru does not get angry or hate us because these qualities only belong to human beings.

Sikhi has painted a clear picture of the true beloved that it is full of love and nothing else. In the process of learning people will feel that they are missing out on drinks, food and parties etc. Which brings anxiety to our minds since we see people having too much fun.

Another best thing about sikhi is that it makes us to learn about ourselves not others. (judge ourselves where we stand and destiny) we need to dwell into ourselves to see the true divine. My point is that its okay if people leave the dharma because its not a easy path and its not for everyone. Not everyone from college graduates with a PHD degree, there all lot of drop outs along the process of worldly education and same thing happens in the spirtual world as well.

But the end our life style and peace of mind will spread the fragnance of true love, without judgments.......

But God is Nir-vaar! what a beauty of the mool mantar.

G (my name)

At 3:51 PM, Blogger Sat Purkh Kaur Khalsa said...

Well, you're not who I thought you were. . . if your name is just 'g'.

Thanks for your comments. It's definitely not for everyone. I sometimes wonder how long I'll stick; my pattern is 3 years and move along. . . . either way, there's no escaping the relationship to the guru within you.

At 4:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol, G( gurinder). you are funny.

Today I read, Zafarnama a letter written by Guru Gobind singh ji on Its just a powerful letter, where Guru lost his sons, mother and khalsa but never felt any pain.

The amazing thing is that Guru is showing so much love to that king by trying to awakening his soul to realization......
However, it seems like that you are tired of something. are you also planning to leave dharma?


At 4:09 PM, Blogger Sat Purkh Kaur Khalsa said...

Not that I know of. . . .I am tired of my own mind!

It is amazing to think of the Guru losing everything and yet experiencing no pain. I just finished a book about one of the "lost boys of the Sudan". This kid goes through stuff that no human being should have to experience in only one lifetime, and even when he makes to the land of opportunity--the US--he's still put through the ringer, like it never ends. And I read that life and the life of the gurus and I think what do you have to complain about?

But nevertheless, pain is pain is pain. And narcissism is tough to kick!

And I think everything I'm tired of is again, the guru just trying to wake me up. . . .with compassion and kindness. . . .showing me myself. Sometimes the mirror of life is exhausting. . . .but most of the time it's delightful, yes?

At 8:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everyone goes through ups and downs in life. I do understand your pain, but worrying about something consistently will not bring us comfort.

We need to resolve conflicts of our thoughts and actions and have a good insight of our cognitive functions. If we keep on dwelling upon pain or stay in the state of depression it will not resolve our problems. I know it is for others to talk about it ,but trust me I have been in these kind of phases in my life too. Depression will make things worse and nothing is resolved. We have to take actions and resolve our conflicts.

Here I would like to share what I have understood the meaning of HUKAM from Japji.

All natural forces such as revolving of the earth, rotational motion, day and night, wheather(seasons) gravity, physiology of the body and mind all obey the HUKAM, which is natural laws.

Let me elborate on this more,

Seasons come and go. Summer or winter..... When its summer it will be blazing hot no matter what we think of it, because nature is following that law. We could cry and complain about the heat and keep on complaining to God about heat. But the truth is summer will run its course no matter what, therefore, we have to use our intelligence by moving to the shade or using AC etc...

We have to accept that natural law either we like or not. But If we accept that HUKUM and accomadate ourselves accordingly then we will be at comfort even in the blazing hot sun.

Lot people have confused spirtuality with natural laws. Such as, lot of people think that if you JUST mediatate everything will be fine. They ignore physiological law. If we don't obey the HUKAM we will suffer with pain and disease.

For instance, People may mediatate alot but may not watch thier diet and they will begin to gain weight no matter what, because the physical body is only obeying the phsyiological law. If we eat dirty over some period of time we will get fat, diabetes and heart problems no matter how much mediatate we do. Because we neglected the HUKAM.

So, the HUKAM in japji. Tell the person to learn to respect every natural law because thats how life is being run.

If we Respect these laws and also meditate then our psycholgical and Physiological process becomes cleaner and clearer.

Therefore, we have to learn that life will have ups and downs. During the ups moments of life we feel smart, intelligent and embark to others about our plans and forget to mediatate. Because we think we were the doer of everything.

But when our life is down, then its God's fault not ours. Why my life is miserable even after mediatating so much, why? In this kind of moment we need to separate ourselves from our emotions and try to find the conflict.

At every point or at every breath of life we have a choice. These choices will decide our actions and future behaviors.

Once we understand that we came naked and alone to this earth but with our past karmas, and we are going to leave this world empty handed and naked ,but with our present karmas (deeds). Then why not excel in spirituality with rejoice and see everything with love.

Feel every breath of life with love. Thank for every healthy breath and enjoy the life while obeying the HukUM. Join the sadh sangat, sing songs of the one Lord who is filled with love and nothing else. Who is formless, colorless, nameless etc....

Life is very precious to be wasted in agony. We need to learn from downs and ups of life and thats what sikhi is all about. Make your present life heaven. If we can't make our present life heaven then how can we think about heaven after death.

Be liberated while alive, no one has come back after death, because that is the HUKUM. We need to realize this and be thank ful for every breath of life. Enjoy the nature.


At 8:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 12:35 PM, Blogger Sahaj said...

You're welcome, Sat Purkh!

Love ya,


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