Greetings from the Land of Enchantment: Closure

Monday, December 17, 2007


Women always want closure--that one last conversation to end all conversations. That one final opportunity to clear the air. And honestly, that one last chance to connect.

Men never need closure. I will not explore why here. But I will give thanks for the opportunity that was afforded me today--to have closure. To look my beloved in the eye and say goodbye--and hello.

Goodbye to what I thought I wanted; hello to a possible friendship. Goodbye to the fantasy and hello to the reality. Goodbye to holding on and hello to letting go.

Hello to letting life be what it is--instead of doggedly clinging to what my mind has decided it needs. It is the 'need' that eats me alive from inside. It is the need that pushes others away. I run and run and run after what I think will make me happy and I only end up lost and out of breath.Truly I've never needed anything in my life. Everything has always been provided. So--Hello to living in the flow. Hello to actually becoming my name--Sat Purkh--True Being. Just Be. And let God bring to me what s/he will.

Perhaps one day I'll even give up on the idea of that happy ending.


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