Greetings from the Land of Enchantment: One door closes . . .

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

One door closes . . .

. . . and another door opens. I've never been a big fan of aphorisms; probably because they've never applied to me. But on this, the first new moon since Summer Solstice, I can honestly say that one door has closed--and another may be opening. Surprising.

I've been going through a deep internal process of letting go. For the past 14 days I've prayed and meditated and chanted--all in the effort to release myself from a very old pattern and invite something new in. That pattern was immediately tested--and I don't know whether I passed or failed--but the test is now behind me and today something new has begun.

As the new moon moves to full, I'll continue to chant and pray and meditate and invite in the new--and the surprising--even as I release and heal the old patterns and wounds that have kept me so stagnant for so long. As I open up to the Infinite, I recognize how limited I've been. As I open up to my innocence again, I realize how cynical I've allowed myself to become over the years. And my ego-mind says, "rightly so!". Nevertheless, it's the same pattern: attachment to that which doesn't work.

Meanwhile, soul is calling out to the universe--in all its innocence, radiance, faith and hope--and the universe may just be answering.


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