Greetings from the Land of Enchantment: New York New York

Monday, March 19, 2007

New York New York

What a wonderful town! Well, I don't have many adventurous stories to tell, but I had a lovely time, ate great food, stayed with old friends from Seattle and ran into others, took the subway a lot, got a free cab ride from a fellow Sikh (see more below), and generally enjoyed just being there.

I don't know why I have such an affinity for New York City, but after this trip, I know that I eventually have to live there--at least for a while, or if the funding is there, parts of every year would be great! Walking the streets, taking the subway, grabbing lunch, there's just such a local feel to everything, no matter what part of the city you're in--and I love to feel like a local.

I had a Carrie Bradshaw moment: Fully intent on being "in love" with the city, I take off for the show at the Guggenheim. I struggle with getting lost, inclimate weather, full bladder, the whole nine yards, only to find it closed when I get there! Sigh. But on my way back to the subway after a disappointing trip uptown, a Sikh cabdriver stops me and asks where I'm going. Union Square I answer (downtown) and he says, hop in. He hands me a Japji CD and proceeds to recite Rehiras all the way down the East River Parkway. I felt like I'd been transported to another world. Just as we pull up to Union Station we're finishing Rakhe Rakhanahaar, the only part I know by heart. It was so surreal. I got out of the cab so disoriented, but in a good way. A beautiful moment among many.

I'll report more in the days ahead. Until then, it's good to be home.


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