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Friday, March 23, 2007

Time flies

When you're trying to catch up at work. It seems I looked up and it was Friday. I've gotten a lot of positive feedback on the scratch CD I brought home with me, which bodes well for the final product. Haven't gotten to hear anything new yet and they're finishing within a few days, but I trust it will be "all good".

I was reading a review of Reign Over Me, which deals in a covert way with the loss following the 9/11 attacks, and it made me remember a conversation I overhead while in NYC. Someone was saying, "she uses that excuse every other sentence because her husband was a firefighter--and he didn't die, or even get hurt, but she uses it like it affected her." Leave it to the New Yorker's most affected by this tragedy to begin calling "bullshit" on the victimization that's in its wake.

On other fronts, Edwards wife is showing great courage in staying on the road during the campaign despite her not-so-great prognosis. Good on ya' Elizabeth.

Book Report (embedded, ha!)

Finally read Jhumpa Lahiri's not so new novel, The Namesake--just in time for the movie! Actually I'd been meaning to read it for a long time now because her collection of short stories, The Interpreter of Maladies, is one of the greatest collections of short stories I've read in years. This novel, while interesting, doesn't feel like it has the same gravitus that her short stories did. There's a dismissiveness to certain parts of the story, like she just wanted to move on, which I found disappointing. Nevertheless, it does allow you into a world that is not often talked about--the children of Indian immigrants and the choices they make in the face of a very traditional culture. True, it applies to many other immigrant cultures: Chinese, Korean, Iranian, etc. but there seems to be a deeper groove to jump in the cultures of India. Could just be my take on things though.

Will the Democrats get us out of this war? That's the story of the week as they review the funding bill and continue to cower under the rhetoric of the president. But it looks like the decider may just be in for a rude awakening--how refreshing. And what a sad legacy--to be known as the 'decider'--a joke, a reminder of his not-so-eloquent ways--for the remainder of his presidency--and possibly beyond. Payback is a b_____ as they say.

well, that's it for the eclectic run-on of topics far afield....


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